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Thank you, Las Vegas! It's been fun! #anniversary #fundaygetaway #ilovemyhusband


Thank you, Las Vegas! It's been fun! #anniversary #fundaygetaway #ilovemyhusband

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Vegas day trip in full effect! #anniversary #nokids


Vegas day trip in full effect! #anniversary #nokids

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Chuck E Cheese


Chuck E Cheese

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Anniversary surprise revealed! The Huntington Library


Anniversary surprise revealed! The Huntington Library

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New Sleep Pose



This is how Andrew fell asleep last night.

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Celebrating 4 years of AWESOME! #anniversary


Celebrating 4 years of AWESOME! #anniversary

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Happy Anniversary!



 Happy Anniversary to the bestest wife ever.  I love you!

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I sure hope these markers are washable. #FaceArt #FamilyFun


I sure hope these markers are washable. #FaceArt #FamilyFun

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Spreading the SunRype love at Shoreline Half











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Shoreline Half Marathon Race Report



The Shoreline Half Marathon race is a beautiful race.  And I’m not saying it’s beautiful because of its 8AM start.  That late start is just gravy on the cake.  It was a beautiful and scenic race that runs you by the beach, the state park and residential area which had amazing homes.

Kim and I signed up for this race a few weeks ago.  We still didn’t have a July race and she was going to be out the last few weeks.  I was hesitant in signing up for this race because it was up in Ventura.  That concern was alleviated by the late start time (8AM).  Not only that, but it was time for our bi-annual trip to Camarillo to take care of some shopping.  So off we went.

Due to the late start, it was easier for Marilyn and the kids to come to the race.

DSC_0210.JPGWaiting patiently for Daddy and Ninang to check in


My attitude coming into this race was to take it easy.  After reading the Cool Impossible, I was trying to build up my aerobic base.  And since I didn’t have any A races this year, there’s no better time to do it than now.  Long story short, if you train at a lower heart rate, you will eventually be able to run faster at a lower effort.  I’m definitely still a big proponent of Endurance Nation and what it stands for, Quality over Quantity for the time-crunched athletes.  However, I wanted to try other methodologies before embracing EN again for next year’s races.

It’s funny how those plans always go out the window when running with Kim.  Her goal is to always PR so we just had to beat her time of 2:12.  Kim still has some issues with pacing so it’s always fun to see how the race goes.  When we started, we were averaging a 9 min pace.  We were cruising along till along mile 4.  This is when Kim started to slow down.  Here’s a quick aside to provide some background info.  We were drinking Jameson the previous night while eating some yummy pizza.  Not really the food for champions but it is what it is.  That said, I usually run with Kim during our races.  However, I know my body well enough to notice when it would not start if I stopped or slow down.  So, I left Kim behind :/  One thing I would add though is that the only other time I left Kim behind, we both PR’d.  Maybe a foreshadowing? 🙂

While Kim and I were off doing our own thing, it was good that at least Marilyn and the kids were having fun at the beach 🙂 I love having my family at my races.  It makes it that much more enjoyable.


Getting some breakfast in


A lil bulldozing


And some sign making


OK…back to the race.  As you can tell from the attached topographic map of the course, it was a mostly flat course with some gradual incline and some short steep climbs.  Mix in some perfect running weather and you have yourself a recipe for another PR.  I didn’t realize till the start of the 2nd loop that I was going at a pretty good clip and actually had a chance to beat my PR of 2:04 if I kept up the pace.  I was fortunate that I was around people that were running with me so I just kept pace with them.  Got in a zone by listening to their footsteps (no headphones).  On another side note, I’ve stopped listening to music on all my runs and am not really missing it that much.  I still listen when on my rides but I found it better to go music/podcast free when on my runs.  I’m more aware of my body without it.

I saw Kim at the start of the 2nd loop and looked like she was doing good.  I had to tell her I couldn’t stop or slow down and she understood 🙂  That was her in our last race hahaha.  I didn’t get to see her again until she crossed the finish line.

I was preparing myself for the hills on the 2nd loop since I knew they were going to hurt.  And yes, they did hurt and am just glad I powered through it.  Once I got to mile 10 and realized I had a half hour left to get sub 2, I was pumped.  This is where I was disappointed.  I thought to myself if I kept my 9:30ish pace, I would get sub 2.  I even ran sub 9 the last mile.  However, I missed my sub 2 time by 1 minute :/  So close!  I was trying to figure out where the discrepancy was but I should know better…my Garmin will never really match with the course.  I should have given my self more leeway.  Eh, next race.  I’m still stoked and happy that I PRd again.  Also very happy that Kim PRd as well.  See, I think we may need to run separately to PR lol.

So here are the official times

106 Kimberly Geraldez Los Angeles 188 30 F 37 30-39 2:11:06.8 10:00/M

106 out of 276 Overall

37 out of 79 Age Group

86 Marc Geraldez Los Angeles 187 32 M 34 30-39 2:00:56.2 9:14/M

86 out of 170 Overall

34 out of 58 Age Group


Starting the 2nd loop


The home stretch


Biggest high 5 ever


Yes, I got a bunch of post race swag 🙂

Official Race Pics





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