2015 Silverman Race Report

Another year and another Silverman race in the books.  I’ve done this race multiple times already but this year, a lot of things happened for the first time.

The first time the waters were warm enough that the race did not become a wetsuit-legal race.  For those athletes that wanted to wear wetsuits, we had to start at the last wave.  For years, I’ve wanted to do a race without a wetsuit and it had to happen this year, the year I trained least for the swim 🙂  I debated with myself a bit to see if I should try without the wetsuit and I (thankfully) decided to go to the last wave.  The waves in Lake Mead were choppy that made it difficult to swim.  Seriously felt like an ocean swim.  I swam it in 57:19 (10 minutes slower than last year).  I was surprisingly happy with that time given the circumstances.

The first time I rode a disc wheel in Silverman.  I’ve had the WheelBuilder aero jacket in storage for the past 3 years and this year, I finally decided to get it installed on the bike.  Installation requires removing the gears so I decided to leave it on for the whole year.  Not really sure if it helped any but I like looking fast when I go slow 🙂  Anyways, the bike course was so windy that I was scared riding my bike.  I feel pretty confident in my bike handling skills but my rear wheel was literally being moved by the wind.  I would ride in aero position and feel by rear wheel just moving left and right.  Pretty scary.  I was sure that I was going to crash during the bike portion and was fortunate that I made it out without any issues.  There was one point in which I was riding over a bridge when a gust of wind blew my bike towards the edge.  No bueno lol.  My ride was 4:11:56 (13 minutes longer than last year).

The first time I wore a hat with a wet towel during the run.  I should have done this long time ago but it wasn’t until this past year’s LA Marathon that I started doing so and it’s been really helpful.  It really helped me from over heating and while I still didn’t run as well as I wanted, it wasn’t due to overheating.

The first time I got a warning that I had 22 minutes to do about a mile and half before the race cut off.  Tried running more consistently and was fortunate to finish with less than 8 minutes left on the clock.  My run was 3:06:21 (one second slower than last year lol).

The first time I seriously thought about DNFing.  The swim took a lot out of me.  There were no mental breaks during the bike (I couldn’t zone out because I had to make sure I was on point just in case a gust of wind blew against my bike so I wouldn’t crash.)  And as usual, the heat and hills were killing me.  There were multiple times on the bike and run that I wanted to pull over and just give up.  I kept trying to find a reason to NOT give up and this is what I came up with…I wanted to set a good example for the kids.  Things were not definitely going my way and I was miserable and hurting and wanted to give up, yet I refuse to give up.  Not a PR race but a race I am proud to have said I finished.  These races aren’t supposed to be easy and I kept thinking “Pain is temporary…quitting is forever.”  I would have been really mad if I had quit and glad I didn’t.

The first time I threw up after a race.  We were driving back home and tried to eat some fruit and Gatorade.  Yup, immediately went back up and straight into a trash bag.

The first time my throat hurt so bad that I couldn’t swallow.  Marilyn had heard other athletes on the race course complain about it hurting to swallow.  Personally, I think it was due to breathing through our mouths while it was so hot.  It made eating that night pretty dang hard.

I told Marilyn after the race that I really did not want to do this race anymore but I really want to have a “good” race at Silverman.  I want to do a full Ironman next year so maybe that will be my excuse to skip the next Silverman.  We’ll see.

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