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Ironman Santa Rosa 2017 Race Report


It’s been a while since I actually did a race report but felt doing another Ironman warranted one.  It’s been 5 years (the last one being Ironman Arizona in 2012) and I’ve been itching to do another Ironman race.  I felt I’m in better shape than I was 5 years ago and had high but reasonable expectations.  Will talk more about that later.


One complaint I have is how they handled Special Need bags.  They changed it so that athletes were required to drop off both Special Need bags race morning next to the shuttle stops.  It seemed they were requiring athletes to take the shuttle.  For athletes that had accommodations closer to the race start and were going to drive, they were forced to either drive past the race start to go to the Courtyard or not have any Special Need bags.  I ended up talking to race director (I think) to see whether the Special Need bags can be dropped off by family members after the race started.  It seemed other people had the same questions and were fortunately given the green light to have family members drop off the Special Need bags.

Swim – 1:38:50

This is the first race I’ve done in which it was a rolling start.  I was debating on whether to place myself in the 1:20 to 1:30 group or the 1:30 to 1:40 group.  I ended up choosing the latter as I figured the swim isn’t where I was willing to exert myself.  The supposed benefit of swimming with others at the same pace is the likelihood of being able to draft off somebody a bit faster than you.  Maybe it’s a combination of me not knowing how to draft properly and never having done it before but no drafting happened for me.  What I did find was that it was a lot more crowded than I was used to.  With regular age group starts, I am usually swimming by myself as others are faster than me.  Since the rolling start grouped us all together, I found myself stopping several times due to overcrowdedness.  Got punched and kicked several times but I was able to dole some out too (unintentionally).

I had issues with sighting on the first lap due to glare from the sunrise and felt that contributed to me swimming all over the place.  Since it was a two loop race that required the athletes to get out of the water, cross the timing mat and then get back in, I was worried how my body was going to react with standing up after swimming for 45 minutes and then getting back in the water.  It didn’t affect me as much as I thought it would so it was all good.  I did see an athlete start going up T1 after the first loop, go up a bit and then run back down to the water.  Glad he remembered he had to swim 2 loops before it was too late.  Marilyn mentioned that they did see somebody else get all the way up the T1 hill, take off his wetsuit and then run back down to the water because he forgot to do 2 loops.

No real surprises in regards to the swim time.  1:38 is around my expected time.  One of these races, I’ll actually feel prepared for the swim 🙂

T1 –

I used to think that the Solana Beach T1 was the worst.  Now, I feel that this T1 was the worst.  It is about a quarter of a mile from the beach to the T1 tent…all uphill.  During the 70.3 race, there were a lot of complaints as people were hurting their feet walking that far on the road.  So for this race, they added “carpet” the whole distance.  It wasn’t carpet and a lot of people still left slippers/shoes on the side so they can wear them on their way to the T1 tent.

This is the first race I wore a one-piece tri-suit and I discovered that the pouches in the back were not big enough for me to carry enough items to skip Special Needs.  So, I decided to wear a cycling jersey so I can take advantage of the bigger pouches.  I added enough nutrition to last the whole ride, proceeded to down the nutrition concoction (UCAN, MCT oil, Perfect Amino) I planned for T1, put on my arm sleeves and then headed out.

Bike – 7:15:33

This is where I actually felt disappointed.  Felt I was in good bike enough shape to at least expect a 6 hour to 6 and a half hour bike split.  I started out around 77% of my FTP the first 20 miles and decided to rein it in as my goal was 71%.  It seems I reined back too far as I ended up doing 63% of my FTP for the whole ride.  I kept trying to turn it on but just had nothing.  Not sure if the 90-degree weather had anything to do with it as the breeze made it seem negligible.  The miles between 70-90 were the tough ones for me.  Felt like a slog just going through those miles.  I stopped at an aid station around mile 80 and felt that restocking with colder drinks helped immensely.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that a lot of people post race complained about the state of the roads.  While not freshly paved, I didn’t feel the roads were as bad as people made it out to be.


Nothing noteworthy about T2.  Changed gear and skipped on my planned liquid nutrition because it was so warm from being out in the sun.

Run – 5:15:28

The run consisted of 3 loops and I panicked due to the weather.  It was still hot when I started running so I was worried about my salt intake.  I was running around a 1030ish pace and walked the aid stations.  However, I started doing things that I don’t normally do, such as eat pretzels, take salt tabs, and the best, eat Nuun straight up.  Not my finest moments and I paid for it by the multiple bathroom trips.  Around the end of the 1st loop, I decided to go back to what I was used to.  I decided to forego all nutrition and run from aid station to aid station.  At the aid stations, I would walk, grab cold water to drink and a handful of grapes to eat and then go.  That new strategy plus the weather dropping made me feel at ease and comfy with my environment.  I felt I was running high 9s and low 10s between the aid stations.  Even better was that I had no problems running at the pace and even fewer issues with the stopping and restarting.

While the first 2 Ironmans felt more like a death march, this 3rd race feels like the first race I was actually racing in.  Now I’m not saying racing for a podium or Kona spot, but racing as in I know I can finish, I feel good, let’s see how fast I can go.  Don’t get me wrong, I was in pain.  But that pain was a lot more tolerable than any of my other races.  This was with my longest run being around 14 miles.  Even then, that was 14 miles straight.  I had run 7 in the morning and 7 after work (running on tired legs).  So just running 6-8 miles at a time consistently does make a difference!

The last 2 laps for me felt like a blur as I was in a zone.  This was also the first race I was able to follow the little mantra of making sure I finish the race knowing I still had some left in the tank.  I kept that pace till mile 24, which is when I started to pick up the pace.  Even before I picked up the pace, I discovered I passed a lot of people just because they were walking.  I know I’ve heard this advice before but make sure you’re always moving and you will pass people.  Passed all those people who passed me on the bike -_-.

My only other complaint would be the turn-off on the run between the laps and the final chute.  Here I was sprinting (in my head) towards that finishing chute with the last turn when I realized that I didn’t hear or see the usual finisher line festivities.  They made it so that once we made the right turn, they made us go AROUND the block to get to the actual finisher chute, another few minutes away lol.  So reminded me of the Ragnar race when I thought the finish line was at the beach, when it was actually farther away…IN THE SAND lol.


Post Race

Now that some time has passed, I felt really good about that race.  Felt that 5 years between Ironman races were too long so hoping (with Marilyn’s blessing) that I could get one in every 2 or 3 years.  While my last race (and PR) was 15:12, my goal was to go sub 15.  It was around the middle of the 3rd loop that I knew sub 15 was in the bag and I was trying to be greedy and go sub 14:30 (or 9 PM).  Tried to make it happen but was 4 minutes short.  I felt there was a lot of places I could have trimmed some time to get that sub 14.

I felt there was a lot of places I could have trimmed some time to get that sub 14.

Swim: I’m actually going to commit to joining SCAQ.

T1: Not all T1s will be a quarter of a mile long and uphill.  Even with that, I could have actually jogged to T1 instead of taking my sweet time walking 🙂

Bike: My bike is going to keep improving (Thanks to Paul and Janet) Going to work on improving my FTP to be 200+.  I can hit sub 210s but want to shoot for 220.

T2: Same as T1…start jogging instead of walking.

Run: My run frequency during the week has been pretty consistent (Thanks to Greg and Kona).  I can only get faster and be more efficient if I keep up the consistency.

So yes, I feel sub 14 is definitely possible.  The IM itch is back with a force 🙂

That said, I can’t leave off this race report without thanking the best Ironwife and Ironkid sherpas.  The support and love I get from my family are inspiring and motivating.  My family got up at 3:30 AM on race morning with me and they were on their feet throughout the whole day as well.  They had to put up with traffic, road closures and the heat and still found the energy to cheer me every time I saw them.  Thank you and love you all!

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2015 Silverman Race Report


Another year and another Silverman race in the books.  I’ve done this race multiple times already but this year, a lot of things happened for the first time.

The first time the waters were warm enough that the race did not become a wetsuit-legal race.  For those athletes that wanted to wear wetsuits, we had to start at the last wave.  For years, I’ve wanted to do a race without a wetsuit and it had to happen this year, the year I trained least for the swim 🙂  I debated with myself a bit to see if I should try without the wetsuit and I (thankfully) decided to go to the last wave.  The waves in Lake Mead were choppy that made it difficult to swim.  Seriously felt like an ocean swim.  I swam it in 57:19 (10 minutes slower than last year).  I was surprisingly happy with that time given the circumstances.

The first time I rode a disc wheel in Silverman.  I’ve had the WheelBuilder aero jacket in storage for the past 3 years and this year, I finally decided to get it installed on the bike.  Installation requires removing the gears so I decided to leave it on for the whole year.  Not really sure if it helped any but I like looking fast when I go slow 🙂  Anyways, the bike course was so windy that I was scared riding my bike.  I feel pretty confident in my bike handling skills but my rear wheel was literally being moved by the wind.  I would ride in aero position and feel by rear wheel just moving left and right.  Pretty scary.  I was sure that I was going to crash during the bike portion and was fortunate that I made it out without any issues.  There was one point in which I was riding over a bridge when a gust of wind blew my bike towards the edge.  No bueno lol.  My ride was 4:11:56 (13 minutes longer than last year).

The first time I wore a hat with a wet towel during the run.  I should have done this long time ago but it wasn’t until this past year’s LA Marathon that I started doing so and it’s been really helpful.  It really helped me from over heating and while I still didn’t run as well as I wanted, it wasn’t due to overheating.

The first time I got a warning that I had 22 minutes to do about a mile and half before the race cut off.  Tried running more consistently and was fortunate to finish with less than 8 minutes left on the clock.  My run was 3:06:21 (one second slower than last year lol).

The first time I seriously thought about DNFing.  The swim took a lot out of me.  There were no mental breaks during the bike (I couldn’t zone out because I had to make sure I was on point just in case a gust of wind blew against my bike so I wouldn’t crash.)  And as usual, the heat and hills were killing me.  There were multiple times on the bike and run that I wanted to pull over and just give up.  I kept trying to find a reason to NOT give up and this is what I came up with…I wanted to set a good example for the kids.  Things were not definitely going my way and I was miserable and hurting and wanted to give up, yet I refuse to give up.  Not a PR race but a race I am proud to have said I finished.  These races aren’t supposed to be easy and I kept thinking “Pain is temporary…quitting is forever.”  I would have been really mad if I had quit and glad I didn’t.

The first time I threw up after a race.  We were driving back home and tried to eat some fruit and Gatorade.  Yup, immediately went back up and straight into a trash bag.

The first time my throat hurt so bad that I couldn’t swallow.  Marilyn had heard other athletes on the race course complain about it hurting to swallow.  Personally, I think it was due to breathing through our mouths while it was so hot.  It made eating that night pretty dang hard.

I told Marilyn after the race that I really did not want to do this race anymore but I really want to have a “good” race at Silverman.  I want to do a full Ironman next year so maybe that will be my excuse to skip the next Silverman.  We’ll see.

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LA Marathon Race Report



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…a marathon humbles you like no other.  I forgot how much I hated and loved marathons.  Hated it because of how much it whoops my a$$ and love it because it pushes you mentally like Ironman does.

So the 2015 marathon actually had an interesting beginning.  I decided to sign up for the race 7 weeks before it started.  Yes, not the smartest idea but my original plan to do an Ironman this year didn’t pan out.  So with 7 weeks, I really had to tinker with the training plan to get some high mileage days in without jacking me up.  Even with this precaution, I ended up visiting Jason from LA Sports Massage the week before the race to help me fix an issue with my hip flexor.

With a high volume day of 16 miles, I figured I could fake it till I made it 🙂  Add to that the news of record heat sure was going to make race day a fun day.


Yup, it is 75 degrees already at 6:40AM.



Surprisingly, this was my first open marathon without headphones.  Really enjoyed the race without it, just soaking in the sights and sounds.


One of the things that I thought about was Students Run LA (SRLA).  While I love the concept of getting kids active, I have issues when I see kids starting the race with all sorts of braces and bandages all over their legs.  They are definitely not ready to race and totally believe that kids under 13 should not be running marathons.  Their bones are still growing and 26 miles can’t be good for their bodies.  Just my opinion!


I was trying to take pictures of every even mile markers but there was no mile 8 banner.  Besides, that’s when I saw my family.  Great seeing the family cheering with their cow bells!


One thing that I did take away from this race that would prove very beneficial for my future hot races…wet towels!  Wet towels on the head did a great job of cooling me down!  Now if my body was just willing to run the race I wanted, it would have been golden 🙂


This is where I started walking.  Couldn’t really pinpoint what was going on but just wasn’t feeling it.  It wasn’t as hot as expected due to overcast and an ocean breeze but maybe it still had an effect.


Yes, there was a Zumba class that was being held on Santa Monica



It was around here that I actually started running again.  I ran the last several miles surprisingly fast, which made me mad about me walking the middle portion of the race.  The other thing I realized around this point was why I always felt better during Ironman marathons than open marathons.  It hit me that I always start the Ironman marathon later on the day so I’m not usually affected by the heat as I am during an open marathon.


Yup, this is how I look like with my finisher medal and my wet towel head 🙂


This was the temperature when I ended…


Nothing better than all you can eat KBBQ post race


and 2 bottles of hite 🙂



Andrew copying my wet towel look


Who needs a foam roller when I got 2 kids that will lay on my legs



I’ve lost the fire for doing open marathons the last several year but this race definitely reignited that fire.  Feeling very motivated for future marathons.

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New Year’s Race (Official Pics)







Not really sure why Kim and I are laughing (maybe we saw another hill)


No idea what we were looking at


A lil sprint


 to maintain the streak of finishing ahead of Kim 😉

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New Year Race #SunRype


Nothing like the usual yearly wakeup call of running the half with no training and 2 weeks of fatty status 🙂 I’m ready to start my year now!


Really not as cold as I thought it would be


Start line


Tunnel running (totally messed up my GPS)


One of the many hills that Kim loved so much


Great view of LA


Saw Puig at Dodger Stadium and also caught a ball on the warning track


Mike 8 sign was funnier – something bout running faster because the dude in front of you farted


Go Angels!


Who gives out Choco Pie as a post-race snack?

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2014 Silverman Race Report



This race humbles you like no other race, regardless of your fitness.  I actually thought I’m the fittest I’ve been for triathlon (validated by sprint and running PRs) and it definitely whooped my a$$.  I definitely did not give this race the respect it needed when I thought I could do between 6-7 hours.  I’m proud to have finished this race at all (due to the ~12% DNF) and not care about my time at all.  Before I get ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning.


We  were able to arrive in Vegas around 6 and check in to get all my things.  I also decided to get a race day tuneup for my bike, which was great because they noticed my tires were cracked and had to get them replaced.  The best part of the day was being able to sign up Andrew for the IronKids race on Saturday morning.  We were a little surprised that the distance was 1 mile but after seeing that the range was from 3 to 15, I shouldn’t have been.



Andrew wrote his name and Alyssa’s name on a bracelet that I wore




Andrew’s race was at 9AM so we headed down to Henderson Pavilion around 8AM.  There were tons of kids in their red shirts.  Sooo cute!  Alyssa stayed with Kim while Marilyn and I ran with Andrew.  He ran the majority of the mile, with several walk breaks.  The best part was getting a glimpse of his competitive spirit.  Everytime we walked, this little girl with her Mommy would pass us and she would tell us bye.  Afte ra couple times, Andrew made sure he was ahead of the little girl and kept looking back to make sure they didn’t pass us again.  Awesome!  I think we crossed the finish line in 11 something and considering we started in the back, I think we did the mile in 10:30.  Hands down the best part of the weekend!










 After the race, we had to go all the way across town to pick up some Generation UCAN.  I foolishly had run out and my order did not arrive in time.  I was able to get some from Adam but I wanted the flavor I was used to.  We found ONE store in Vegas and fortunately, they had the nutrition I needed for the race.

Then we were able to pick up my bike and head out to T1 to drop off my bike and swim in the lake.  I wanted to prepare myself mentally for swimming without a wetsuit due to the high water temperature so I decided to do my practice swim sans wet suit.  I swam to the first buoy and back and am very proud to say that it was the longest open water swim I’ve done without a wet suit.  Feeling pretty confident without the wet suit now and would really like to follow through on my goal to do a tri race without a wetsuit.












We were able to get to the transition area around 5:30AM, which was great after seeing the huge line of cars trying to park after 6.  I was fortunately able to hang out with the family after I had prepped all my gear.  I was able to get in a short warmup in the lake before giving kisses to the family and waiting in the chute.  Couple funny things happened in the chute.  1. I went straight to the chute after going for a warm up swim.  While waiting in the chute with the rest of the athletes, I noticed the lady next to me nudge her friend and point at the puddle of water she was standing in.  That puddle of water came from me.  I saw her squirm and try to move away from my puddle of pee lol.  I’m not ashamed, I would admit it if I did pee but I actually did not pee while standing in the chute 🙂  Pretty funny.  2. I was standing next to a guy whose goggle strap broke.  He was trying to fix it but he was so nervous (sign of a first-timer?) that his hands and fingers were literally shaking.  I’m not exaggerating when I say they were visibly shaking.  Some other athlete was able to jerry-rig a string and tie his strap but the poor guy was still shaking.  We all tried to let him know it’ll be ok.



Swim – 47:27

The swim started out fun as usual.  I think within the first 100 meters, someone had already grabbed on to my leg.  I was pretty happy with my effort as I was able to do the whole swim without stopping.  Usually, I stop a few times within the swim to catch my breathe and gather my bearings.  I didn’t have to do that and felt pretty good.  I also felt like I could have done that swim without the wetsuit.  Noted for next year 🙂  So towards the end of the swim is where the fun started.  We were within distance of the shoreline when I got punched in my left eye/temple.  I was so mad I pushed the guy and grabbed his leg.  I felt the sting and actually thought he drew blood but realized it was just water.  At that point, we were at shore already and Marilyn told me afterwards that when she saw me get out of the water, I looked mad.  Now she knew why lol.  Once I realized I wasn’t bleeding, I didn’t think about it again.







Pretty straight forward.  I was able to dial in my transition routine in the Pendleton race so this went pretty quickly for me.

Bike – 3:58:21

My goal was to drink a bottle of UCAN in the first hour and another bottle in the last hour of the bike.  I thought I would ride a 3:30 and planned my nutrition accordingly.  One mistake that I did not take into account was the heat.  The heat on the water bottles made my UCAN really thick.  So thick I could not execute on my planned nutrition so I had to improvise.  I would take a big sip of UCAN every 10 minutes and follow up that up a couple sips of water.  I did that for the whole ride, which I thought worked well.  I was confident I’d be fine with the hills because I’ve been riding hills a lot but one thing I can’t duplicate is the heat.  The course was a lot of ups and downs…mostly ups.  Not only that, there was a lot of tailwind.  Add all of that to the heat and no bueno.  At every aid station, I use up all the water bottle on hydration and throwing water all over me.  Throwing the water on me helped a lot since the SunRype tri kit material maintained the moisture and kept me could for an additional 10-15 minutes.  All I know is that the last 10 miles were pretty rough on me.  I kept telling myself to hold myself back for the run, which I thought I did.


Same as T1…nothing really special.  If anything, one thing I would do in the future is add a clean pair of socks to the run gear bag so I can change socks if needed.

Run – 3:06:20

This is where the wheels fell off 🙂  My goal was to run 10 min pace for the first 3 miles, 9:30 for miles 3 to 10 and then go ballz out for the remainder.  That was my intention until I saw the run course and decided that being able to run 10 min pace the whole race would be an achievement.  I was able to see Marilyn, Kim and the kids before I headed out the run, which was great.  The run consisted of 3 loops and the first part was running downhill.  I stayed at 10 minute pace for the 1st half mile and then cramped on both my left inner thigh and right knee/IT band area.  I actually had to stop and stretch out before heading out again.  I think I ran the first couple miles 10-11 minute pace and my body decided it didn’t want to run up hills.  I tried to run but the body wouldn’t listen.

I decided at some point that I would walk all the up hills and run all the down hills.  Was OK for the first couple loops and was in so much pain I couldn’t keep up that strategy.  It was so hot and I tried to keep cool by getting water to drink and throw on me every aid station.  It was getting harder to run also because I was just sloshing around in my shoes.  Felt the blisters on both my feet growing per shuffle lol.  Saw a lot of people walking (but already saw a lot of people finished as well).  It was during the run that I decided that finishing this race is a big enough accomplishment for me.  I also realized that even if I do not PR from my previous race at Silverman, I would be glad to just finish.  I talked a lot with the volunteers and other racers walking around me.

Marilyn, Kim and the kids created camp on the backend of the loop.  I was able to see them several times and was glad to getting kisses from the kids.  The best part is Andrew asking me why I’m walking and not running.  Thanks Andrew lol.

One thing that I need to tweak as well is the nutrition.  Since I thought I would be running a 2 hour run, I did not take ANY nutrition at all in the run.  By the time I realized I would be closer to 3 hours, I didn’t want to risk putting anything in my stomach and getting GI issues.  This was definitely a bad move.



Love this pic because it looks like I am literally crying




Aftermath – 8:01:40

That race was so painful.  I knew the lack of nutrition was going to catch up to me and it caught up to me really quick.  We went to Claim Jumpers to get some post race food and I felt so crappy I could not even keep my eyes open.  I ended up not being able to eat anything at the restaurant and went to the car to take a nap.  I compared it to the haze I experienced during the Ironman run.  I was literally in a fog and I had to stay in the car while Marilyn and Kim took care of getting our stuff packed and ready to go.  Note to self, never go back home the same day of the race.  Even when not driving, the ride back is brutal.

Now remember that punch?  Marilyn and Kim asked me why I have eye-liner on and quickly realized it was black eye.  That black eye caused much more damage than I thought it would.  Starting Sunday night, my jaw started to hurt.  Throbbing and pulsing pain.  I was able to endure it all Monday until Monday night, when I couldn’t even sleep due to the pain.  Marilyn suggested I go to the ER, which I did.  I waited for an hour to get checked in by the nurse and was told there were 14 people ahead of me and at least a 2 hour wait.  In addition, she kept giving me weird looks because all I could say was that I was in pain and it centered on my jaw.  Anyways, decided to go to me general doctor on Tuesday to see if he could help.  He thought it was either TMJ or strep throat.  He took blood work and throat cultures.  In addition, he prescribed norco and muscle relaxers.  They did not help at all and my lab results came back negative.

So on Thursday, I decide to get checked out by my dentist.  I’m still in pain but this time, the pain is just focused on my left jaw and teeth area. Dentist took some x-rays but did not find anything.  He was actually making fun of me for making up the pain.  Glad I like him or else I would have socked him 🙂  He did have an idea.  He said that I have a nerve near the area where I got punched and theorized that my nerve somehow I got affected.  At this point, I’m open to anything since no one can really explain my pain.

As for actual race results, I was happy to just finish and PR from my previous race.

These were my 2009 splits:

Swim – 50:12; T1 – 6:36; Bike – 4:13:38; T2 – 5:12; Run – 3:07:59

So basically took off 3 minutes in the swim, 13 minutes in the bike and a minute in the run.  Not bad for 5 years worth of training huh lol.

Anyways, there’s this picture that I want to purchase.  Sums up the day.  Hurt, beaten, mad, dejected and still trudging along.  Plan on putting this bad boy up in the pain cave as a reminder to keep on pushing.  Definitely passing on this race next year as I want to do Vineman (not sure full or half) but definitely signing up 2016 🙂


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Silverman 2014 this weekend… #tbt Silverman 2009? #IM703Silverman #SunRype



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Alive & Running 5k Run for Suicide Prevention



Yearly race right down the street



Kim & Marilyn were pacing for their Nike Half Marathon + my Dad was able to push the kids = me gunning for my 5k PR running with Pablo


Dad with the kiddies


Andrew ran the last 1.5k on his own racing with Papa – pretty darn impressive


I ran back to find Papa and the kids so I can cross the finish line with them





Spreading the SunRype love…

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Semper Tri Official Race Photos



This is probably my fave race pic ever because that face tells it all…hurt so bad lol


I would have been smiling if I knew I was so close to Warren 🙂



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Hollywood Half Race Report




 Now this was a very eventful race.  All the fun began way before the race even started.  The week leading up to the race, I was wondering why I haven’t gotten the email regarding the race details.  I finally decided to check online and lo and behold, Kim and I weren’t registered.  How was that possible when we remembered paying for it a while back.  After a lil digging, we discovered the problem.  We had purchased double entries for the New Years Eve race :/  D’oh!

Well, Kim and I registered because we were legacy.  After picking Kim up race morning, I decided to stop by the Valero gas station right next to the Hollywood/Highland area.  Guess what…my car wouldn’t start.  So a little aside here…my car has been having battery issues.  Thought I resolved it with a trickle charger but it seemed that my battery was so dead that it was losing charge at a faster rate.  Well, I decided to ask several people for a jump.  First, I asked the Traffic Enforcement people.  That’s when I discovered they weren’t allowed to help people…liability issues?  Seriously?  Anyways, I proceeded to ask two other people for a jump and they mumbled something that sounded like no.  Sure, what person would talk to a guy wearing a tri top and shorts with a beanie at 4:45 in the morning.  I joked with Kim that SHE should have been the one asking for a jump.  So I headed inside to talk to the attendant.  Asked him for a jump and he said nope.  I told him I was participating in the race and wanted to know if I could leave my car at the gas station.  He said it would cost me and I asked how much.  Told me $10 and I said sold!  That’s cheaper than parking at the Hollywood/Highland parking lot lol.

So after that little fiasco, Kim and I finally headed to the start line.  We were able to chill for a bit until the race started.  We weren’t sure how fast we were going to go so we decided to play it by ear.  We haven’t really been running since the LA Marathon.  We started around a 10 minute pace for the first couple miles.  Kim decided to stop for water around mile 3 and I thought she would catch up.  I looked back and she was a bit back putting on her headphones.  Figured she was fine and decided to see if I could push it for the rest of the race.  One thing I did want to mention was how I hated the course.  The course made us go up and down narrow streets.  Up and down narrow streets that were hilly too.  FAIL!

Don’t really remember much about the race until the end.  I had just turned the corner on the final turn and was running down the chute when the lady in front of me fell down.  She had tripped on the red carpet chute.  We were literally steps away from the finish line.  She was on the ground grabbing her knee.  Offered her both my arms and lifted her up.  She tried to put some weight on her knee but could not.  I think she wanted to sit back down but told her that we were so close.  So I decided to support her and walk together towards the finish line.  There, she was taken by race support people.  Right before she was taken away, she turned around and told me thanks.  Really made my day and had to be one of my highlights of racing.

I ended up finishing around 2:04 and Kim around 2:14.  Not bad for hardly training 🙂

I was keeping a list of stuff to put on my race feedback once I got the email

– waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many turns

– don’t have expo on a weekday when people can’t get there on time after work.  If you want to have it on a weeknight, extend the hours!

– some streets were really narrow and things got congested

– have a different start time for the 5k and 10k…there was a bottleneck when the half marathon course merged back with the 10k.

– runners should have the ability to have their challenge medals mailed to them if they didnt want to wait in a LONG line after they just completed the race.

So what happened to my car?  Well, we called AAA and someone came over to try and jump my car.  Long story short, it took 3 battery sources (2 generators and the car) to jump my car.  The guy was laughing at me saying, time to pony up for a new battery homie lol.  Yes, decided to get one that day but that’s another story for another day lol.




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