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Probably time to clean up the mat :/



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Goodbye Yurbuds Inspire Pro; Hello Jaybird Bluebuds X?


It’s about that time of the year again…the time when my headphone go kaput.  My latest, the Yurbuds Inspire Pro, actually lasted me more than a year.  And out of all the headphones I have tried, they have been the best.  Unfortunately, it is out of warranty and I am in the market again.  The problem with the headphones is the right earpiece stopped working.  I’m pretty sure I know what happened.  Usually, I run with my phone in hand.  However, there are some instances in which I will run with my phone in my shorts pocket.  It is usually when it is in my pocket that I start having issues with them.  I did so a couple run ago and now it is broken.  It really is a shame since I loved the fit…it never fell off my ears.

But now that I’m in the market for new headphones, I’ve decided to venture into wireless headphones.  I was surprised to see that were not really that many options.  I tried going into my usual forums (,, and even but really found the info somewhat lacking.  I was hoping to find a site that does a deep analysis/review of wireless headphones for sports as if it was a Garmin 910 or a PowerTap.  However, I did find enough info to narrow down to 2 choices.  As for my criteria, I really only have 2.  One – long battery life.  Two – It needs to be able handle a lot of sweat since I sweat a lot.

Here are the ones I have narrowed it down to

1. Jaybird Bluebuds X

Note: Good connection, good battery (~8 hours) and very good reviews.  The only con seems to be the price…~$160.

2. Jabra Sport

Note: I have heard some good things about this headphones but what concerns me is the Bluetooth connection issues.  I have read that the phone can’t be waist level or below without losing connectivity.  That would defeat the purpose for me because if I had to wear an arm band (which I hate), then I’d rather buy a new Inspire Pro.

All the other ones, such as Motorola and Sony, I did not include because of either battery life or because it would not stand up against all my sweat.

I guess it’s not really much of a decision then…I’m going to take the plunge for the Bluebuds X (already got the greenlight from Marilyn).  However, I seem to be having issues with the site not recognizing my USAT member ID.  As a member of USAT, I think we have about 20% off.  I’ll take any discounts I can get off $160.  I’ll try again tomorrow and see if I need to contact their Support to help me with the order.  I’ll keep you posted.

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